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Ed Edwards

Ed started his creative career as a circus performer but stopped at the age when you start to think, “This is actually dangerous”. Ed now juggles a writing career, lecturing, making films and child-rearing. The latter being far more potentially injurious than slack-rope walking because these are two boys who share a love of violence.


Ed was virtually illiterate at the age of eleven but eventually managed to educate himself, get to university and become a professional writer. He is now only one-third illiterate. 

Ed was in jail in the early 90s doing three-and-a-half years for drugs offences where he published his first novel.  He has now published five novels, a children’s book, worked for several continuing TV dramas including Holby City and the now defunct Brookside and The Bill. He maintains his having worked for these shows isn’t why they died.


Ed has had several original plays broadcast on Radio 4 as well as short films on Channel 4 and BBC 2. Ed has recently turned to guerrilla film-making. His latest play is The Political History of Smack and Crack which and he has recently directed a number of short films and co-directed and produced the feature film Scrambled. He misses the Soviet Union and Fidel Castro. He also loves making jam and writing about himself in the third person.

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