Most Wanted are a new writing,  theatre-making company committed to telling stories that are fresh, real and need to be told. They combine physical theatre, spectacle and dialogue to give a voice to the voiceless and a shape to the unseen.  Most Wanted aim to inspire and excite, open your eyes and your mind and are not afraid to entertain. Get ready for a good night out.



The company was founded by artistic directors ED EDWARDS and EVE STEELE.



Ed has written for TV, radio and theatre and has had five novels published as well as an illustrated children’s book. As a director Ed has worked in theatre and film and has a background in street theatre and circus.



Eve is also a writer and although newer to this side of the business, she already has several radio and theatre commissions under her belt as well as a couple of short films. Eve has worked as a professional actor for many years in TV, radio, film and theatre, including an onstage portrayal of her own two year old son which earned her an MEN theatre award.


Between them they also have an impressive CV of arrests, jail sentences, drug addiction and psychological disorders. Theatre is where they try and make sense of it all.

For fun MOST WANTED also make zero budget films, usually with their own family, in their own house or in the streets around where they live in Manchester.