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A Feature Film

Coming Soon

Dir. Ed Edwards and Eve Steele

Written by Eve Steele

What happens when a thief steals her own children?


"Funny, heart breaking, full of love. An instant classic..."

Julie Hesmondhalgh

Short synopses

A thief steals her own children. Despite the chaos and danger the young lads learn what it means to be brothers and the mum sort of becomes a mum - despite relapsing on heroin. Kids’ POV.

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Julie Hesmondhalgh, full quote...

"Scrambled is a beautiful piece of storytelling, imaginatively shot, and with important things to say about addiction, parenthood and the nature of love. The fact that it is informed by writer Eve Steele's lived experience of addiction makes this a completely authentic experience for the viewer, completely devoid of the usual tropes; and the fact that it is a family-made film, made on a shoestring, makes it an incredibly moving watch. Funny, heart breaking, full of love: this is a film that deals with its subject matter with great empathy and compassion. A road trip movie with a difference, and an instant classic."

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